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i.MX28 On-Board Diagnostics Suite (OBDS)

Question asked by Pt A R on Jul 1, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2014 by PeterChan

Hi Qiang Li - Mpu Se , raymond wang, igorpadykov Yuri Muhin Yixing Kong Fernando Lopes Stefan Wahren GraceH


I am using i.MX28 On-Board Diagnostics Suite (OBDS) to test memory,uart,can,usb etc of my MCIMX28EVK board.

I have followed the commands specified in the pdf available with imx28 OBDS Source.


Since I am using linux , I followed this step




The above command created diag-obds-mx28evk.bin, diag-obds-mx28evk.elf,, ipl files in output/mx28/bin folder.


I have used the steps specified in the pdf  to program .sb file to sd card

./tools/windows/cfimager.exe \-f ./output/mx28/bin/ \-d g -a

But the command failed.

run-detectors: unable to find an interpreter for ./tools/windows/cfimager.exe


How to load this boot stream image to sd card?

Does the obds test need rootfs image?