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Current consumption on FRDM-KL05

Question asked by Pramod T M Employee on Jun 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2014 by Pramod T M


     I'm trying to implement low power modes on KL05 frdm board and measure the current consumption in different modes. Reffering  to the schematics, I found out that MCU VDD is connected to P3V3_MCU which is coming from the jumper J4 which is DNP. But a 0 ohm R27 is in parallel to J4. I removed the R27 and soldered a jumper at J4 for putting a multimeter.


But then , what I noticed is MCU is still getting power . I checked the voltage on J4,2 [without putting the jumper], I'm seeing 1.8V. I'm confused from where the voltage is leaking.


Has anybody faced a similar issue? or am i missing something here?


P S : The resistance accross the jumper is 600k ohm