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Problem getting Manufacturing Toolkit second stage working

Question asked by ThomasG1z on Jun 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2014 by ThomasG1z

I have custom board (partly based on the Sabrelite) that I have trouble getting the second stage of the manufacturing toolkit working.


I get the board into USB downloader mode, and it downloads u-boot, kernel, ramdisk perfectly fine. But when the kernel boots the new USB device for further download and communication doesn't seem to get properly activated. I have tested the identical kernel on the Sabrelite and the Nitrogen6 Lite using the same ucl2.xml config, and then it kicks off fine. I see in a USB analyzer software that no new USB device is detected after the initial ROM downloader has disconnected for my custom board, but comes up fine with the others mentioned.. Kernel log stops at this output:



Starting UTP

ln: /etc/mtab: File exists

disable turn off display

Starting the hotplug events dispatcher udevd

Synthesizing initial hotplug events

udevd (2242): /proc/2242/oom_adj is deprecated, please use /proc/2242/oom_score_adj instead.

uuc 0.4 [built Aug 16 2013 01:24:08]

UTP: Waiting for device to appear

UTP: file/device node /dev/utp already exists

cpu_id is 0


Any idea what to look for..? The USB OTG interface is pretty straight forward, although using only a USB B socket and ID is floating.


On the other boards it continues like so:

UTP: Waiting for device to appear

UTP: file/device node /dev/utp already exists

cpu_id is 0

UTP: received command '$ echo 0 > /sys/block/mmcblk0boot0/force_ro'

UTP: executing "echo 0 > /sys/block/mmcblk0boot0/force_ro"

sh: can't create /sys/block/mmcblk0boot0/force_ro: nonexistent directory


One noticable difference I see further up in the kernel logs is that on the boards that work I see this line, but not on my custom board:

g_file_storage gadget: high speed config #1