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i.mx6 with eMMC 5.0 SDR or DDR interface?

Question asked by Wally Yeh on Jun 9, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2018 by Andy Knowles

Hi, Recently our custom i.mx6Q board wanna using eMMC 5.0 instead eMMC 4.4


and I already know that i.mx6 can't support eMMC 5.0 with HS400 mode, from this post:

eMMC 4.5 support with i.MX6


but I wonder can i.mx6 operate eMMC 5.0 under SDR or DDR mode?


eMMC 4.4 and eMMC 5.0 pins are almost the same, except for one pin for *Write Protection* , so I left the pin NC.


and after using MFGtools passing kernel and initrd to i.mx6, the linux kernel can't recognize the entire eMMC 5.0 chip, no /dev/mmcblk0 exist.


could some one give me some hint? thanks.