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kinetis KL2x programming voltage @ 1.8V

Question asked by Boon Heng Ng Employee on Jun 3, 2014
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How to program the flash memory @1.8V VDD?


The tools that i have tried are

1) P&E (Green color) USB Multilink

2) P&E FX  (black color) USB mutlilinks

3) J-link lite

All required at least around 2.7V VDD to download the binary into the flash memory of KL26 via SWD protocol.


I have tried on IAR 7.20 and CW10.6 ID and have removed all the active components on the freedom board of KL26 (freedom REV B) but it still does not work.

The debugging and the flash programming only will only work when the VDD is around 2.7V.



Can we program the flash memory of kinetis KL2x @ 1.8V VDD?

From the RM, it show 1.71V to 3.6V with flash programable down to 1.71V with fully functional flash and analog peripherals.



What is the tools we can use to program the flash memory @ 1.8V VDD?

Do we need to adjust a lower value of 10k and 4.7K of the pull-up resistors at reset pin and SWD_DIO pin respectively?



Many thanks.


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