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How to create an uart isr for K70

Question asked by PRAMOD K. G. on Jun 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2014 by soledad

Hi everyone,



                              I am using K70 twr module and mqx 4.0.  I need a isr for recieving data from isr. Already i have created one isr and i can recieve data. But the problem is when am trying to send data (using write fuction ) through that port execution goes to isr and then hangs there. Actualy i don't want to generate interrupt for transmisson. How it is possible in MQX , please let me know your valuable feedback on this.


This is my code:


void uart3_rx_tx_isr(pointer user_isr_ptr)


    char rcvByte;

    /* Get the device registers */

    sci_ptr = _bsp_get_serial_base_address(3);      //DES get base address for UART5

    rcvByte = sci_ptr->S1; //DES read status register.  Part of two step process to clear the interrupt flag.

    rcvByte = sci_ptr->D;              




void uart_init(void)


    char flags=IO_SERIAL_NON_BLOCKING;

    rs232_dev = fopen(RS232CHANNEL, NULL);   

    ioctl(rs232_dev, IO_IOCTL_SERIAL_SET_FLAGS, &flags);


    if( rs232_dev == NULL )



        /* device could not be opened */

        printf("\n Bluetooth Init Failed..!");



   _nvic_int_init(INT_UART0_RX_TX, 2, TRUE );

   _int_install_isr(INT_UART0_RX_TX, uart3_rx_tx_isr, rs232_dev);


   _bsp_serial_io_init(0, IO_PERIPHERAL_PIN_MUX_ENABLE);