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HVAC demo - USB logging fails

Question asked by gorakk on May 3, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by Kai Falkenberg

We have a custom board that uses a K61. Using MQX 4.0 and CodeWarrior 10.5


One of the features on our custom board is a USB host that is used to save data to a flash drive. We have seen that several hundred lines of data can be saved to the drive and then something happens and no further writes occur.  This functionality is based on what is in the HVAC demo.  Located in: Freescale_MQX_4_0\demo\hvac


One of the features of the HVAC demo is the ability to log data to a USB flash drive.  After seeing the issue in our application on our custom board I loaded the HVAC demo on a TWR-K60N512 connected to a TWR-SER. Data is logged to the drive but after a time (426 lines in one instance) it stops writing and the LED on the flash drive no longer blinks. This is the same problem we are seeing on our custom board.  I performed this test with the Int Flash Debug configuration.


I then installed MQX 4.1, loaded it's version of the HVAC demo onto the TWR-K60N512, and the same problem occurs.


When using the TWR-K60N512 I used the standard BSP and only made two changes to the HVAC application:

changed this define to 1:

#define DEMOCFG_ENABLE_USB_FILESYSTEM  1   /* enable USB mass storage */


changed this from 15 to 5 so the logging occurs every 5 seconds:




Has anyone seen this on the HVAC demo? Or can duplicate?