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Question asked by Daniel Kubiak on Apr 15, 2014
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I'm looking for information about the CLK1_N and CLK1_P outputs of IMX6 device:

These outputs are used as PCIe REFCLK.


In the IMX6 hardware development guide (IMX6DQ6DLHDG) table 2-10 PCIe recommendations, It is recommended to place the termination resistors close to the receiver.

In addition, the clocks are AC coupled between the IMX6 device and the PCIe connector on SPF-27147_C3 evaluation board


I would like to be sure that the clocks outputs are LVDS outputs.

Normally the clocks in PCIe application is on HCSL technology that needs terminations to be close to the source and don't need to be AC coupled between the source and the receiver.