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PE 10.4 Error in PE_MisraEnableRules.prg

Question asked by Adrian Rockall on Apr 3, 2014
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I have just installed Processor Expert 10.4 and loaded the project for the TWR-K60F120M that I have previously used with Processor Expert 10.3. I have not knowingly made any changes from the original except for the build options - Compiler, which is now IAR ARM C Compiler, and generated the files.

When I use the Generate Processor Expert Code in 10.4 I get the error message:


Generator: FAILURE: Unexpected status of script: Drivers\Common\PE_MisraEnableRules.prg, please contact Freescale support. bsp_twrk60f120m  Cpu Processor Expert Problem


If I change the Processor Expert directory configuration back to the 10.3 folder it works OK.


Is this a bug in 10.4 or is there really a problem with the configuration that 10.3 didn't pickup?


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