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Capture I2S stream on imx6

Question asked by jonashippold Employee on Apr 3, 2014
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I have a device with I2S audio output that I want to capture using an i.mx6 board (Udoo).


On this board I can connect directly to the AUD5 pins of the i.mx6 quad.


Eventually, I want to have an ALSA/whatever device that is readable from userspace for capturing this audio stream.


What do I have to do to achieve that? I've read quite a lot, yet I'm more confused than before I started.


How do I set up the kernel? The pins are already configured correctly, but I don't know about the initialization code.

Is there already a driver that registers a device for me to read or do I need to code one myself?

Do I need any sort of audio codec for this? If I understand correctly, I'm simply capturing a digital data stream, so this should not need to much overhead.


So where do I go next?


Thanks in advance,