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Kinetis K20D50M interface with Capacitance sensor

Question asked by Saul Mukha on Mar 30, 2014
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I am trying to interface Kinetis K20D50M with Capacitance sensor(

I dont have experience with Kinetis and CodeWarrior. I was wandering if there are any sample projects that I can use to figure out how to interface the sensor and the microcontroller using CodeWarrior. I wrote below what should I do. It is pretty simple but I was just wandering if there are some good tutorials that teach how to do interface or if there are some similar projects that I can use


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The 060 capacitance meter can transfer measurement results to micro controller via serial port. There is a sample file showing what the meter sends out.

Each output line is ended with the character ‘CR' (0x0D) So I should basically look for 0x0D. Once it is found that means the next character is the start of a new line. Then count 15 characters. The 16th character is the start of capacitance reading which is 4 characters followed by 1 unit character.