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meta-qt5 on master-next does not build video mediaservices

Question asked by Michael Banditt on Mar 28, 2014
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I am pretty new to imx6 and yocto development. So, please excuse if my question is dumb or if I am doing something wrong.


I have a nitrogen6x board and tried to build a qt5 enabled image.I used the master-next branch with kernel 3.10, added the meta-qt5 branch and an image recipe that included qt5 and several apps (taken from here Integrate Qt5 into yocto sato image on Wandboard - Wandboard Wiki).


The build runs fine, everything seems to work (including qt5, hw accelerated GPU and VPU, tested with gstreamer), except: qt5 is build without any video mediaservice providers, so that I cannot use video in qt5.

Here is my /usr/lib/qt5/plugins/mediaservice folder:



I am wondering, if I did something stupid wrong (but I did follow the mentioned howto), or if qt5.2.1 is missing the video media service? In the wandboard image from here, which was apparently done following the same tutorial (but with QT5.1.1) the folder looks like this:


Thanks a lot for any help!