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Boot Assist Module (BAM) with FlexCAN MPC5604P

Question asked by Sergi Fernandez on Feb 27, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2014 by Sergi Fernandez

Hello !

I need to use the Boot Assist Module to boot an application from FlexCan bust to internal SRAM.


Now I'm using the TRK-MPC5604P demo for testing with CodeWarrior 10.5. I set the jumpers (FAB = 1, ABS2 = 1, ABS0 = 0) to set the boot mode to FlexCan autobaud to work above 200kbs (8MHz crystal frequency). But when you restart the MCU and try to send frames to calculate the baud, I can’t establish communication.


What I'm doing wrong? I guess initially prepare the MCU to use the BAM, but using the Reference Manual have not found the way.


Can help me with a example code? Just I have to modify the Linker Files?


Thank you very much for your time!