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Using DAC component on K60 Tower

Question asked by Matthew Kendall on Feb 5, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2014 by Jack Blather

I have a project on a K60 running on a TRWK60F120M. I'm using MQX so I have a BSP project, a PSP project, some other MQX-related projects such as RTCS, and my project itself. I am using Code Warrior 10.4 with the GCC-based compiler.


I want to use one of the on-chip DACs. In the BSP project I opened the file, added a "DAC_LDD" component and configured it in the Component Inspector. There is not much to configure, but I set Auto Initialization to "yes".


I re-built the BSP. As far as I can see nothing happened. Nothing changed; no new files were generated; and if I try to use the component from within my main project I get linker errors indicating the functions (e.g. DA1_SetValue) and variables (e.g. DA1_DeviceData) are not present. I did a clean re-build of the BSP with the same result. I cannot find anything indicating it actually generated any DAC-related code. If I right-click on the DA1:DAC_LDD component in the tree-view and hover over the "open file" menu item I see "No files generated".


What am I doing wrong? And where might I find documentation on how this is supposed to work? Any help appreciated. Thanks.