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UART3 on MK60DN512VLL10 does not work.

Question asked by stathis on Jan 24, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2015 by Yaran Nan

Hello all,


-We are working with a board based on the MK60DN512VLL10 using MQX 4.0.2  and have had success using UART4 as DEFAULT_IO_CHANNEL.

-We are trying to use UART3 as a RS485 port to the PTC16, PTC17 and PTC18 pins but there is no activity on UART3 TX pin (PTC17)

while the RTS pin (PTC18) works fine.

-We check it with a second board but the results were the same : TX of UART3 has no activity.

-The same firmware EXACTLY works fine on the TWR-K60D100M + Serial board,

the only difference is the uPC which is the MK60DN512VMD10 on the Tower System.

-Is there any problem with the UART3 on the MK60DN512VLL10 silicon or we are missing any detail?


Thanks for the help