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imx6q-sdb boot from SPI-flash

Question asked by Carmili Li on Jan 21, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2014 by Ed Sutter

I want to set imx6q-sdb board boot from spi flash.

I weld a chip on another board and connect it to SPI3(imx6q's pin:DISP0_DAT0, DISP0_DAT1,DISP0_DAT2,DISP0_DAT3(spi:ss0)) .

And then modify linux kernel driver.When CPU boot up form eMMC,SPI-flash work well.I also can burn u-boot image to SPI-flash successfully.

But now CPU can not boot from SPI-flash.

BT_CFG1=8'b0011_0000  (SW6=8'b0011_0000)


I do not modify the board anything.

I find four pin(EIM_LBA:BT_CFG4_2  EIM_EB0:BT_CFG4_3  EIM_EB1:BT_CFG4_4  EIM_RW:BT_CFG4_5) hold on high level when power up and CPU do not boot up.Does it normal?

What do I need to do for booting form SPI3.


Thank you.