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i.MX28 DDR stress test

Question asked by Fernando Lopes on Jan 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2014 by Julien Morand

I got a i.MX28 ddr stress test from a Freescale FAE. Its file name is 201134_mx28_dram_stress_test.


Did somebody already have used this?


I am having some problems to boot a custom board and the FAE suggested this tool to check the memory, but now he is on vacations and we have no support to this at all and the package has the source code, but no documentation.

The package has a precompiled (ELF) version of the tool that I am trying to load and run, but I do not know exactly how to load it.


I tried to make an SB file and tried to load it using the "sb_loader.exe", but the code does not start and sometimes I get "Undefined Ins0x80508002" and sometimes I get "Pref0x80508002" on the debug uart.


The elftosb config file I used:




    image= "ddr-stress-test-mx28.elf";





  IVT_ADDR = 0x1F000;



section (0)


  load image;

  load ivt (entry = image:Reset_Handler) > IVT_ADDR;

  call IVT_ADDR;  




Does somebody have already had this kind of problem or has any tip or workaround for this?