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IMX6 CAN configuration using canutils and libsocketcan

Question asked by Flavio Cordova on Jan 15, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2014 by TomE

I have several questions about how handle the CAN, first I find a few documents


But, dont show how shall be compiled the canutils on the app, for example, if in the app is used the ncurses, I need to add several lines in the makefile to point the locations of the include files and the lib, by the CAN dont say anything

in the , page 46 an 47 try to explain how calculate the Bitrate and the escalation, but is not clear enough, also how I can transfer to a code.

The CAN is automatic open when we send the dataframe through "write" function or is necessary open it with other instructions, the documents show the instruction

ifconfig can0 up

When is transmitted through line command.

Could you help me to clarify this points