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Any examples on how to modify the .dts (device tree) source for custom hardware?

Question asked by Ed Sutter on Jan 10, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2015 by Ivan Nikolaenko
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I've been working with hardware that is similar to the SABRESDB iMX6 board.

My next step is to redefine a few interfaces that are custom to my board.

For starters, I'd like to just tweek my GPIO configuration, by undoing some of

the GPIO setup that was used by SABRESDB and establish my own GPIO

configuration based on my schematic.

Maybe I'm just tired, or maybe this is just hard...

I'm not having much luck figuring out how to modify the .dts files that are used with

the sabresd board.

I'm currently reading the Documentation/devicetree stuff and A Tutorial on the Device Tree (Zynq) -- Part I .

Is there any other examples or good documentation that discusses this?