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command line doesn't process wildcards, why?

Question asked by Ed Sutter on Jan 7, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2014 by Ed Sutter

I'm running with iMX6 custom hardware, and have been trying to understand why my system isn't

coming up the way it should.  I tracked this down to find that the line...


for i in /etc/init.d/S??* ;do

isn't substituting the 'S??*' with the files in /etc/init.d.  Then I just tried

ls /bin/m* to see if it would list all files that start with 'm' in /bin.  Even that



# ls /bin/m*

ls: /bin/m* : No such file or directory


I'm guessing there is some misconfiguration in busybox, but I haven't found anything.

-- EDIT on Jan 13 --

I managed to get this to work but have no clue why...

First, note that I am using buildroot to create my rootfs (kernel and uboot are mainline)...

In my buildroot configuration, I had "Target Architecture Variant" set to cortex-A9 (since I'm working with iMX6).

When I backed this setting off to A8, for some bizarre reason that fixed this issue.

What is it about A8/A9 that would cause regular expression wildcard processing in the shell not to work?

I sure would like to understand this one.

-- End EDIT --

Anyone ever have to deal with this ?




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