Shaun James

FYI: There is an updated Linux SDK for TWR-M5441x / MCF54418.

Discussion created by Shaun James on Jan 3, 2014

Hi All,


Just letting you know that there is an updated Linux SDK for the TWR-M5441x / MCF54418, you might not know about it because it's just not documented.


On the Freescale linux BSP website BSPs for ColdFire Architectures, the latest documented release is which has the following features:

  • Linux-2.6.29 kernel
  • u-boot 2009v08 with ColdFire modifications
  • GNU gcc 4.4.1, eglibc 2.10.54, binutils-2.19.51 and elf2flt


However, if you download the 2011 ColdFire Linux Maintenance BSP Release (31-Oct-2011) which is documented as "updates the Linux BSPs for the M5475EVB, M5485EVB, M5474LITE, M54451EVB, and M54455EVB", you will find in there a BSP for the MCF54418 which has the following features:

  • Linux-2.6.38 kernel
  • u-boot 2011.03 with ColdFire modifications
  • GNU tools: gcc 4.5.1, eglibc 2.11.40, binutils-2.20.51, and elf2flt
  • GDB debugger:


Nice!  I've installed it and tested it out and it works nicely.  I just thought I'd let users know who missed it, like I did