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programming mc13213 with beestack doubt

Question asked by tommaso sinico on Dec 19, 2013

Hello everybody,


it's me again, Tommaso from italy, triyng to program mc13213 boards with beestack..


My goal it's to make 2 devices (a coordinator and an end device) to communicate with each other, then i want the end device to send messages to the coordinator every 3 seconds (for example):

I started with an example code found in beekit: the code allows to send accelerometer data from a device to an other.

I have two questions:


1)  which is the sequence of actions (functions) that the master and slave should do to communicate with each other?? i have read the freescale beestack software reference manual and i found that i should register the endpoints with AF_registerEndPoints(...) and i did it, but it's not enought, i start the network with ZDO_start(..) than i can use AF_sendMessage(..).

Is it correct? Is there something else i should do?


2) i tried using a timer and then to send a message but i can't use low power mode weather any timer are on (low power function acts this way, the function was already there and i didn't modify it), so i decided to usa the state machine "mode" that is using TS_sendEvent() and BeeAppTask() functions to simulate the operation of a state machine.. the problem is that again i can't use low power mode because the low power functions checks weather there are pending events or active timers.

What i have to do to use low power mode on the end device??


I know i probably have omitted something, please let me know if i was'n clear.


Thanks a lot