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Working with the K20 tower and CodeWarrior,  and my FlexNMW is coming up already partitioned.  I get 3 for EESIZE  and 0xB for DEPART

Question asked by Marc Bunyard on Dec 18, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2014 by julian morrison

I'm working with the TWR-K20D72M, Code Warrior 10.4, PE, and Multilink Universal.  After downloading my code, if I have the debugger stop at code entry, I see the value of 0XFF030B00 in SIM_FCFG1. I have tried using the "Enable Partitioning for the device" selection in "Advanced Programming"  under "Debug Configurations", and some settings work while others don't.  I can't configure the FlexNVM to a "No EEProm" state.  I'm assuming I need the chip in this state to test any application code that will partition the memory when the chip is first configured.