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i.MX6 SabreSD board stuck at boot animation

Question asked by Zhen Cong Tee on Nov 21, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2013 by Zhen Cong Tee


I am trying to do some development on the i.MX6 SabreSD (quad core) board from Freescale. I had successfully build the source following the Android User Guide.pdf document. However when i try to download the img that I build into the board using Mfgtool2.0, my image stuck at the boot animation with "android" logo at the middle of the display. I believe it's the android system.img that has problem, because if i use the u-boot-6q.bin, boot.img, recovery.img that i build with original system.img downloaded from Freescale website, it does not have the stuckissue.

Attach is the bootlog with the output from 'top' command to show the list of running processes.

Anyone please help? I am totally stucked at this stage and I have no idea how to proceed...


Thanks in advance for any kind help.



ZC Tee