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Reading IPU registers with memtool hangs.

Question asked by Miki Grof-Tisza on Nov 5, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2013 by Miki Grof-Tisza

whenever I try to read an IPU register using memtool, the system becomes completely unresponsive (no response on terminal, no response to ping..).

Is anyone else seeing this?

Below is an example of a successful read of a non IPU register (ENET.RDAR), but then right below it I'm reading IPU1.CSI0_SENS_CONF, and that hangs.


root@hostname:~# memtool ENET.RDAR

SOC is mx6q



ENET     Addr:0x2188000

  ENET.RDAR Addr:0x02188010 Value:0x01000000 - RDAR is a command register, written by the user, to indicate that the receive descriptor ring has been updated, that is, that the driver produced empty receive buffers with the empty bit set.

     ENET.RDAR.RDAR(24..24)     :0x1

             Always set to 1 when this register is written, regardless of the value written.




root@hostname:~# memtool IPU1.CSI0_SENS_CONF

SOC is mx6q



IPU1     Addr:0x2400000