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Is there a difference between the image that would be used to boot from USB and the image used to boot from SPI-flash?

Question asked by Ed Sutter on Nov 1, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2013 by Fabio Estevam

I had been using SABRESD u-boot-2009.08 (from LTIB) and I was able to download the u-boot.bin file

through usb (using  boundary-device's free imx_usb tool) to boot a board with the SD card removed

(our real system will not have an SD card, it will boot from SPI-flash).

Then I added a second SPI-flash device to ECSPI5 (bootable spi) and I was able to load the exact

same u-boot.bin image into the SPI-flash.  When I changed the boot pins to boot from that device,

it worked just fine.  That confirmed my assumption that the exact same binary can be used whether

I'm booting raw from USB or SPI-flash.

So far so good...


Since then I've transitioned over to the latest uboot (u-boot-2013.10), got all the same SPI

drivers working so that I can take the same image (now called u-boot.imx) that I boot off USB and burn

it into SPI-flash (to boot from SPI).   I'm no longer able to boot from SPI using the same image that I use

to boot from USB.


I've verified that the data is properly loading into the SPI-flash, so I *thought* I should be able to use

the exact same image.


Has anyone else tried this?  Is my assumption about the images correct?

Thanks in advance,