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i.MX6Q : Parallel CSI#2 not working

Question asked by Frederic COIFFIER on Oct 21, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by Mehmet Kurnaz
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We have made a custom board based on i.MX6Q able to manage camera connected either to :

  • Parallel CSI#1 : camera module OV5642
  • Parallel CSI#2 : camera module OV5642
  • MIPI CSI : camera module OV5640

Parallel CSI#1 and MIPI CSI are well supported, but parallel CSI#2 isn’t working…


We have checked and re-checked the IOMUX and believe the problem can’t be there.

We haven’t found compiling option (in Linux .config) related to parallel CSI#2 support.


Freescale document fix about CSI numbering : The latest Rev 1 or i.MX6 RM for D&Q says the second parallel camera is connected to CSI1 whereas previous version of the same document said it was connected to CSI0. Was it purely a document issue or is it linked to a silicium revision of i.MX6Q ?


Strange observation #1 : Can’t make IPU#2 working

This could fully explain our problem. Parallel CSI#2 camera can only work on IPU#2 but MIPI CSI camera can run either on IPU#1 or IPU#2 and we didn’t succeed in making it work on IPU#2.

In the code, IPU#2 seems initialized by imx6q_add_ipuv3(1, &ipu_data[1]);


Strange observation #2 : First parallel CSI camera requires MIPI CSI support

Using a single camera connected on the first parallel CSI port, we can’t make it work without MIPI CSI support… If the following 2 lines are removed, it doesn’t work :

                imx6q_add_v4l2_capture(1, &capture_data[1]);


So it seems there is a global initialisation done by one of the above lines that is required to support the first CSI camera.


Has anybody succeeded in making the second parallel CSI camera work ? Does it require a particular patch ?