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gstreamer hang

Question asked by Brian Edmond on Aug 1, 2013
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by Marlon Smith



I am trying to play videos on a Nitrogen 6x board and after seeking back and forth for a bit I get the video to hang.  When this happens I see the following debug information from gstreamer:


0:00:14.285095335  4640    0x17050 WARN               aiurdemux aiurdemux.c:1461:gst_aiurdemux_perform_seek: Seek to 0:19:35.000000000.

0:00:14.285398335  4640    0x17050 ERROR              aiurdemux aiurstreamcache.c:335:gst_aiur_stream_cache_seek: Unexpect backward seek addr 314124288, cachestart 314213376, offset 0


Then I keep getting these messages:


0:08:45.342819395  4640    0xaf9a8 WARN               aiurdemux aiurstreamcache.c:267:gst_aiur_stream_cache_add_buffer: wait push try 512 SIZE 233472 232778


The video is still hung.  Has anyone see this before?