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sb_loader question

Question asked by Ed Sutter on Jun 28, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by tom malnar

Is there any documentation on the sb_loader tool that comes with the mfgtools stuff?

I've been building on Linux and using the tool from boundary-devices (imx_usb) to pump my board,

but I also need to build my bootloader on a Windows host, so I'd like to be able to pump my board from

windows as well (unfortunately imx_usb doesn't work on windows).

I know I could use the MFGTools GUI, but I'd prefer to have a command line hook so I can just throw

the command into my makefile.  Anyway, I found sb_loader and just run "sb_loader -f BINFILE" to load

my board (imx6SDB).  It *basically* works; however, I noticed that some of the data area is not what it

should be.  I went back to the Linux setup and used imx_usb to download the exact same file and it

worked fine (no noticeable data corruption).


So, I see in other posts that folks use sb_loader -f  What is an ".sb" file?

Note that I just passed sb_loader my binary image; which *basically* works; except

for some strange reason some data area is munged.


Thanks for any pointers to sb_loader documentation or any other hints!!