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i.MX28 Accessing USB Test Modes Windows CE 6.0

Question asked by markwilliams on Jun 22, 2013
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Hi all,


I have an i.MX28-based design and I am currently performing USB testing. I have an onboard SMSC 3-port USB hub connected to USB1 (host-only) port. The USB0 (OTG) port of the i.MX28 is just used for downloading images.


I found an IOCTL in the HCD driver that I have used to force my hub to output the USB high speed test pattern for signal integrity analysis (IOCTL_EXTERN_HUB_TESTMODE). This has worked perfectly and I have been able to verify from the hub to the outside world.


I now need to verify from the i.MX28 to the hub. To do this I will need to set the hub IC to 'Force High Speed Enable' so it turns on its internal termination. I will then need to get the i.MX28 to generate the high speed test pattern.


Does anyone have any experience with setting up the i.MX processors in Windows CE to command various test modes on the USB ports? Any help would be appreciated.


Kind regards,