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SD2 card slot is not working for WiFi

Question asked by o s l reddy on Jun 20, 2013

hi all,

I am trying to use sd2 card slot for my wifi module (BCM43241 from broadcom)

but I could not be able to read or write to the module

at the boot time it is giving the following logs



wifi_set_power = 1


wifi_set_carddetect = 1

ehci_fsl_bus_suspend begins, Host 1

ehci_fsl_bus_suspend ends, Host 1

F1 signature read @0x18000000=0xffffffff

dhdsdio_probe_attach: si_attach failed!

dhdsdio_probe: dhdsdio_probe_attach failed


I tried to insert SD card and test even for the SD card also it is giving the following error


mmcblk1: error -110 transferring data, sector 0, nr 8, cmd response 0x900, card status 0x0



I tried changing the SDIO data to

static const struct esdhc_platform_data mx6q_sabresd_sd2_data __initconst = {

    //.cd_gpio = SABRESD_SD2_CD,

    //.wp_gpio = SABRESD_SD2_WP,

    .always_present = 1,

    .keep_power_at_suspend = 1,

    .support_8bit = 0,

    .delay_line = 0,

    .cd_type = ESDHC_CD_PERMANENT,

    //.runtime_pm = 1,



but no use

Did anybody tried integrating BROADCOM or any other WIFI module on SD2 slot

If tried Kindly share me if I need to change anything

In schematics for sabereSD

I am finding in pgno 15 as

The developer

may need to consult the datasheet

of other WIFI solutions for compatibility

with this card socket.

is it mean the socket will support only few cards if that is the case kindly let me know whether BCM43241 will support on this socket or not










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