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About iMX53 suspend/resume issue

Question asked by Leon Lin on Jun 19, 2013
Latest reply on May 21, 2015 by Alexander Varnin


        Our tablet have one issue which can't resume back after system enter suspend mode. It rarely happens but if it happens, we only can do is resetting our tablet. And we found the issue seem like the known issue track ID ENGR00171011 which is listed in i.MX_Android_R10.3.2_Release_Note.html
or i.MX_Android_R10.4_Release_Note.html. We want to ask this issue is solved by FREESCALE? If yes, where do I get the patch for this issue.If no, can FREESCALE provide any official document or test data to let us provide it to our customer for explaining this issue?








[Android_imx53_SMD]Suspend&Resume: System hang after
  suspend&resume around 1000 times through 5s pulse waveform simulation
  from Signal Generator. 100%