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QD4 PTA4 and PTA5

Question asked by Corominas Marc on May 2, 2013
Latest reply on May 3, 2013 by Corominas Marc

Dear all,


I'm using a S9S08QD4 and I need to use the PTA4 as an output and PTA5 as an Input. No problem with it at all in normal operation.


I'm using PTA5 to poll a voltage level, via a pull-up resitor 4k7, when the voltage at PTA5 goes to 0V I need to turn on the PTA4 ouput as a 1Hz square wave.


PTA4 is driving a BC817 via RB 4k7 and a pull-down of 47k.


Drive Strengh is ON for PTA3 and PTA4.


I found these problems:




With RB 4k7 I can program the target I need to increase that value up to 20k, anybody knows why?




Voltage at PTA5 is 5V and then turn on the uP and then the voltage at PTA5 goes to 0V no problem. But if volatge at PTA5 is 0V and the turn on the uP it becomes stuck somewhere with no output generation at PTA4 ana DC level euqls to 3V1. Could be a problem with the BKG instruction or Hw?


I checked the softusing for a while another pin (PTA2) and seems to work properly.


Here my init code for the PORTS and BKG


void periphInit (void){

  asm SEI;        //disable interrupt mask

  SOPT1 = 0x92;         //0x92 BKG 0X90 No BKG
  SOPT2 = 0x00;
  SPMSC1 = 0x01; //1C 
  SPMSC2 = 0x00;                                     
  /*  System clock initialization */
  ICSTRM = *(unsigned char*far)0xFFAF; /* Initialize ICSTRM register from a non volatile memory */
  ICSSC = *(unsigned char*far)0xFFAE;  /* Initialize ICSSC register from a non volatile memory */
  /* Initialization of the ICS control register 1 */
  /* Initialization of the ICS control register 2 */
  ICSC1 = 0x06;                        /* ICSC1: CLKS=0,IREFSTEN=0 */
  ICSC2 = 0x00;                        /* ICSC2: BDIV=1,LP=0 */




  PTADS=0x18;     // DS activat per a PTA3 i PTA4

  PTAPE=0x00;     // no pull up


  PTAD=0x00;      //les sortides a zero logica NPN

  PTADD=0x18;     //Codifiquem





  ADCSC1=0x1F;      //disabled



  APCTL1=0x07;      //Ch0+Ch1+Ch2



  // MTIM ( Base de Temps : 1,008ms)


  /* TPMSC: TOF=0,TOIE=0,CPWMS=0,CLKSB=0,CLKSA=0,PS2=0,PS1=0,PS0=0 */

  TPMSC = 0x00;                        /* Stop and reset counter */

  TPMMOD = 0x3E;                       /* Period value setting */

  (void)(TPMSC == 0);                  /* Overflow int. flag clearing (first part) */