MQX 4.0 ADC demo does not work on KWIKSTIK

Discussion created by anguel on Apr 24, 2013
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The ADC demo from MQX 4.0 runs fine in CW 10.3 for the TWR-K70 board. But when I run the demo with KWIKSTIK I get the following output in the CW console window (note: I have ommited some of the many blank lines inbetween):


-------------- Begin ADC example --------------


Opening ADC device ...done

Opening channel #1 ...done, prepared to start by trigger

Opening channel #2 ...done, one sequence started automatically

Triggering channel #1...triggered!

               ADC ch 2: 28819



Pausing channel #1...stopped!



Resuming channel #1...resumed!



Looks like for some reason the read() does not get the result...


Thanks in advance for any help!