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i.MX28 u-boot vs. bootlets - VDD5V Source Only

Question asked by Ryan Bryngelson on Apr 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2015 by Fabio Estevam
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I'm bringing up a custom i.MX283 based board.  I'm having trouble with random lockups anywhere from 1 or 2 seconds to several minutes after applying power.  I believe the issue is power related.  I've implemented the design detailed in section (VDD5V source only) of application note AN4199:


After researching the problem I came across this patch on the Freescale website:


Linux patch to add more robust support for a VDD5V or DCDC_BATT only


Currently, I'm using mainline kernel version 3.8.3 with u-boot version v2012.10.


Are the fixes described in the bootlet patch implemented in mainline u-boot?  Can u-boot be configured for VDD5V only?  I've looked into the u-boot and bootlet code, but the code is seemingly quite different...