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MQXLite + KL25 Freedom board +CW10.3Beta

Question asked by TurboMan on Apr 10, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2013 by Frost

I still have 10.3Beta on my machine, and didn't want to upgrade if it's not necessary. So, last night I tryed out a new mqxlite project, and set up a couple of tasks to do things at different rates, just as a proof of concept test. So, with the two tasks, I tried to use "_usr_time_delay(milliseconds)" where milliseconds was 500 and 600 for the two tasks. However, this came back with undefined reference to _usr_time_delay() and no amount of cleans / rebuilds / unchecking and re-checking "generate code" could solve the problem.

   So, is it a known issue? With 10.3 Beta? Do I have to pre-compile libraries or headers? And why isn't any "_usr..." function in the MQXlite documentation? I also tried other functions but these get an "undefined reference" error as well.