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QEI inputs, and index capture

Question asked by EARL GOODRICH on Mar 5, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2015 by dave408

I am studying the quadrature mode of the Kinetis K family, more specifically the K10, and specs for these have the general statement:


Quadrature decoder with input filters, relative position counting, and interrupt on

position count or capture of position count on external event.


My problem is the 'capture of position count on external event', or more particularly the connection of an encoder Index pulse.  These quadrature functions are available on 2-channel FTM instantiations, and the A/B inputs 'take over' the two associated channel I/O connections for that module, and later in the FTM description of Quadrature Decoder Mode is the statement "no channel logic is used in Quadrature Decoder mode."  So I don't know where this 'capture of position count on external event' functionality IS.  One 'grand hope' I have is that the FTM Hardware Trigger(s) discussed in the FTM instantiaion information can be forwarded to the channel capture logic and re-enable use of one channel's capture function.  Has anybody made a full A/B/X encoder interface work with these quadrature capabilities?