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Yocto - Working with the Toolchain

Question asked by jparrish88 on Feb 22, 2013
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I just started using Yocto by Following How to Test Yocto for i.MX6 .

Now I'd like to build another project with the build-derived toolchain or the ADT installer toolchain.

I'd also like to use eclipse and the Yocto plugin.


So the first thing I tried was the ADT, it looked like it would be the easier method.

I followed the steps here:

In doing so I typed the commands bitbake adt-installer then the log showed that it had succeeded.

So I found the ADT installer tarball in /build/tmp/deploy/sdk

Extracted that to a folder in my ~/. then I ran the adt-installer script. I didn't change the configuration.

That installed files to /opt/poky/1.3/.

From there I should have been set to use the eclipse yocto plugin.

In order to set up Eclipse and the Yocto plugin I followed these directions:

I went with Juno and I installed the pre-built yocto plugin (I thought it would be the safest).

After everything was installed, and two restarts later... I went into window -> preferences -> Yocto Project ADT

This window let me set where my toolchain was being pulled from.

I entered /opt/poky/1.3/ into both the toolchain root and the sysroot.

In the drop down I'm suppose to select my toolchain.


Here is where I found out I should have changed the adt install scripts configuration.

It only showed that I could select either ARMv5te or i586.

Obviously I screwed up. But I should be able to build using this toolchain. So I started a new project as the directions state.

I build the project and it gives me this output:

Screenshot-C-C++ - Eclipse-ADT.png

Okay so I messed up the ADT install. Turns out the configuration built for the wrong platform.



So then I tried to redirect eclipse to use my build derived toolchain.

So I entered in bitbake: bitbake meta-ide-support

It completed successfully and I saw a sysroot folder and an environment-setup file be placed in the /build/tmp directory.

So I go back into the eclipse and I I reconfigure it for a build derived toolchain.

But nothing appears in the toolchain drop down.


If I try to hit ok, even though my target arch is greyed out I get this.

Screenshot-Yocto Project Configuration Error.png


Here is the weird part, if I select standalone pre-built I get a toolchain in the drop down.

However, I can't select apply or ok.




That said, I'm not sure what else I can do to get the Yocto plug in to work.

I then tried to just to use the environment-setup file now located in the /build/tmp directory to build a Makefile based project - Uboot.

It failed by saying that the project was not setup. (Most likely this error is from my inexperience with compling uboot)


Any help or advice would be well received. Thanks!


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