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move or copy a file between multiple MFS (over SD and USB)

Question asked by angel gutierrez on Feb 21, 2013
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In my MQX4.0 Project, I have installed two MFS, one MFS over SD Card and one MFS over USB device. I have used the shell to test all possible commands  successfully (dir, cd, copy, rename, ....).


Also, I have used Input/Output Control Commands for MFS (ioctl) to create subdirectories, to rename files, to move files,.. successfully without to use the shell.


Now, I'm trying to move one file from USB to SD Card but without succeed. As support I'm following the steps described in the post Re: Use  USB msd class with SD card  but in this case they didn't use MQX.


I would be very grateful if anyone can help me sharing one demo application or any useful comments.


Thank you very much in advance,


Ángel G.