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MFGTool not working for i.MX6 DualLite CPU Card

Question asked by Rafal Wegner on Jan 22, 2013



I tried to update my i.MX6 DualLite CPU Card with MTGTool2 (Mfgtools-Rel-3.0.0_121207_MX6DL_UPDATER).

I have changed boot mode pins to serial download.

I have connected my board to PC using USB OTG interface, device was properly recognized by my WinXP. Also MFGTool shows proper information: "HID compliant device". When I start the process, loading modules is working ok but it stucks on "Jumping to OS image".

Also, terminal (which works ok when booting from SD card) is not working - no information available.

It looks like all BootStrap states are performed and none of the Updater states (ucl2.xml configuration file).


Does anyone had same problem? Does anyone knows what am I doing wrong?


Also I have questions about ucl2.xml file:


  <STATE name="BootStrap" dev="MX6D" vid="15A2" pid="0061"/>

  <STATE name="Updater"   dev="MSC" vid="066F" pid="37FF"/>



What is dev, vid and pid parameters? Should I change somehow those? Why those are different for BootStrap nad Updater states?


In attachment is log file from MFGtool.


BR, Rafal


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