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How-to Directly Install CodeWarrior 6.3 Classic in Windows 7 & 10 x64 (Unofficial Method)

Discussion created by Rodney McGee on Dec 28, 2012

CodeWarrior 6.3 is for most RS08, S08, ColdFire V1 Processors*

*Not compatibile with (S08: RN, RNA, PA, PT, Kinetis (including Tower), ColdFire V2 ...)


This post describes installing CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers (Classic IDE) - RS08/HC(S)08, ColdFire V1 v6.3

on 64-bit modern versions of Microsoft's operating systems e.g. Windows 7 and Windows 10. 


Some people could argue to use the Eclipse-based CodeWarrior and they have their points (some devices and situations require it). On the other hand Freescale long knew that Eclipse-based CodeWarrior is cumbersome. Here is a great article (now only available by archive since it was deleted) article by James Trudeau (formally of Freescale) about his teams unfinished but thoughtful effort: CodeWarrior 10.3 a new perspective.

Also for those who fondly remember programming Motorola parts with an Metrowerks IDE, give this a shot.


Typically you will get the error "CodeWarrior Development Studio for Microcontrollers v6.3 is not compatible with Windows XP 64-bit installations" when trying to install under Windows 7/10 x64.


Watch Windows 10 x64 video:

Freescale/NXP CodeWarrior Classic 6.3 Windows 10 x64 HCS08 RS08 CFV1 P&E Micro BDM - YouTube

Note: The video doesn't show the PE_Plugin.dll update or the P&E fix.  


Main Installation steps (Windows 7/10 64-bit):

1. Download Special Edition: CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers here: CW_MCU_V6_3_SE.exe which is for most RS08, S08, ColdFire V1

2. Install 7Zip, with it extract CW_MCU_V6_3_SE.exe (instead of running the exe; right click it and extract) to a folder

3. Download and extract (attached below or mirror) and move it your extracted folder.

4. Drag and drop CW_MCUs_V6_3.msi onto RemoveOSCheck.vbs giving a series of messages like "Launch Conditions Removed"

5. Run the setup.exe file located in the extracted folder, skipping updates for now.

Note: If the setup file try running setup.exe again as administrator (via right click menu).

Note: For Windows 8/10 you may need to do a custom install and uncheck the ICEbase and Softec debugger driver

6. Install the updates listed below (most are not offered by the updater).

7. In the CW6.3 install folder in Program Files (x86) folder, under bin\plugins\com, *replace* PE_Plugin.dll with the one extracted from zip attachment at the bottom of this post. 

8. Run the software as administrator (using right click menu) at least once.

9. Your Special Edition install should come with a node-locked license, but if you have licensing issues see below.


License Issues or lab cloning:

This license linked below was posted online by Freescale and is open to ANY hostid and doesn't expire which great for cloning machines

Assuming 7 or better, goto the "Start menu", type Notepad, right click the icon select run as administrator. Goto File -> Open and goto C:\Program Files (x86)\Freescale\CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers V6.3\license.dat, then open this link to view the file in your browser. Highlight all the text in the browser and COPY and in notepad PASTE it over ALL the existing text in license.dat, then goto File -> Save.  This avoids any nasty file permission issues. 

If your license file only works when you run as CW as administrator, this is because of inherited permissions. You need to move your whole CW6.3 installation folder out of Program Files (x86) into a new folder called C:\Freescale for example. Then goto Start type command right click and run it as an admin command prompt. Change directory in your new CW6.3 install folder and then cd into bin. Run regservers.bat at the prompt. Make a new shortcut for CW6.3's/bin IDE.exe and you should be good. 


List of updates for CW 6.3 (in order):

CW08_V6_3_PE_V3_09_SP.exe Processor Expert 3.0.9











CWMCUV631.exe Compiler and IDE bugs 

Note there is another patch called in the NXP download portal "CW MCU v6.3 - Flash Patch.exe" (for P&E) but it's obsolete. Follow the P&E instructions below.


P&E Micro BDM steps:
Cyclone Pro, Cyclone Universal, USB BDM Multilink*, USB Multilink Universal, USB Multilink Universal FX. 

*Note: Rev. A of the USB-ML-12 is not supported in Windows 7/10 – Rev. C is supported but is discontinued product

1. Download and install the latest drivers (free login required)

2. According to this FAQ, download this zip Patch for CFV1/S08/RS08/MON08 3rd Party Software  extract it and follow the rest of steps in the README text file.

(Basically you need to merge the files from inside the "Patch" folder in the zip into "C:\Program Files (x86)\Freescale\CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers V6.3\prog\P&E". If you do it correctly, it should prompt you about overwriting a few files, do it.)

3. Run CW as administrator (using right click menu) including building and debugging/programming once.



I personally used this for a HCS08SH microcontroller with a Wytec USBDM with the latest and it works great. If you don't consider it because they are a fifth the price of other programmers and are open source hardware and software. You can also buy them on eBay for about $15 dollars US (white-ish box with three leds, black letters on the outside that says "USBDM" are the ones I have tested), but throw away the CD that comes with them. Follow the YouTube instructions below.  The project is currently hosted on

Watch a video on the process: USBDM CodeWarrior 6.3 5.1 5.2 Windows 10 x64 Install and Update Firmware - YouTube 


1. Reinstall/Install latest USBDM software AFTER installing codewarrior 6.3.

2. Install the latest signed driver before plugging it in USB.

3. Use the firmware updater from the start menu to make sure the firmware is up to date

(TIP:  Try the verify button before trying to update to make sure all "update mode" drivers are installed; it may crash/hang the 1st verify, fail on the 2nd verify, but that is OK, thirdly do the update)

4. You'll need to select "HCS08 Open Source BDM" in the new project wizard in CW 6.3.

Note that the automatic calculation of the clock trim doesn't work directly from CW6.3 debug you need to use the standalone USBDM HCS08 external programmer from the start menu (see posts below from USBDM dev PGO).


Note: There are several other methods out there for installing CodeWarrior v6.3 on 64-bit (x64) platform:

1. Use XP Mode under Windows 7 (documented in AN3936, but is not recommend by Microsoft since XP SP3 is no longer supported)

2. Use Win XP under VMWare/VirtualBox (not always ideal for use with hardware debug tools)

3. Copy over the CW install folder from an XP install of CW to your new box and run cw6.3\bin\regservers.bat from a admin command window cd'ed that folder. 


Dead Collector: Bring out yer dead!

Freescale: Here's one.

CodeWarrior Classic: "I'm not dead".

Dead Collector: 'Ere, he says he's not dead.

Freescale: Well, he will be soon, he's very ill.

CodeWarrior Classic: I'm getting better. I work with Windows 10 x64 now.

NXP: What about this one? 

Freescale: Who me?


Appeal to NXP employees:

Please package the: 64-bit OS support, updated P&E drivers, 6.3.1 update, and other 6.3.x updates into a version of CW (call it 6.3.2) and make all of this work unnecessary. Please.


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