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How to use Linker from command line(error: mwldmcf.exe: No library file found matching  mwldmcf.exe: 'libC_TRK_4i_CF_SZ_MSL.a{.dylib|.a}' or 'C_TRK_4i_CF_SZ_MSL.a' )

Discussion created by sai neelam on Dec 25, 2012
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Hi everyone,


I am using code warrior v7.2,trying to use linker from command line the message it gives is



mwldmcf.exe: No library file found matching

mwldmcf.exe: 'libC_TRK_4i_CF_SZ_MSL.a{.dylib|.a}' or 'C_TRK_4i_CF_SZ_MSL.a'



any document for command line usage will be helpful.

IDE: freescale warrior 7.2

Target :8252


Thanks and regards