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MX6Q-SDB - installing Linux (Win user)

Question asked by oskar on Dec 12, 2012
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I'm using the MX6Q-SDB board and I want to put the Linux on the SD card (I'm Windows user).

I found the i.MX6Q_SDB_SD_Demo_Image - easy to put on the card, it started but looks like it's Android - so not the thing which I want to use.

I didn't found similar image (or img file to copy by other app) with Linux.


So I downloaded the MfgTool2 but I'm not sure what content should be prepared to be copied. 1st run - cfg's not changed - no errors during operation but only splashscreen with Freescale logo was visible (_putty.log attached), last log:

Hit any key to stop autoboot:  3     2     1     0

Unknown command 'booti' - try 'help'



The content of Profiles\MX6Q Linux Update\OS Firmware\files\ looks a little bit similar to the content of L3.0.35_12.09.01_GA_images_MX6Q + 12_09_01_oneiric rfs. I added new files - content of the L3.0.35_12.09.01_GA_images_MX6Q and 12_09_01_oneiric.tgz (also I replaced the name in ucl2.xml). Result:

"Push" error, file="d:\images\Mfgtools-Rel-L3.0.35_1.0.1_MX6Q_UPDATER.tar\Mfgtools-Rel-L3.0.35_1.0.1_MX6Q_UPDATER\Mfgtools-Rel-L3.0.35_1.0.1_MX6Q_UPDATER\Profiles\MX6Q Linux Update\OS Firmware\files\12_09_01_oneiric.tgz"

Putting unpacked version (to .tar) doesn't help - the same error reported by app, in traces:

tar: invalid magic

tar: short read

I see few problems here:

1. Booting - should it work after putting image or maybe I destroyed sth and it will be needed to set boot options again?

2. I see a lot of distributions of Ubuntu - for OMAP, MX5 etc. - but I didn't see image (to install in similar way) for the board which I'm using. Does it exist like Android version?

3. Copying the system - I'm not sure that my "method" is correct - do I need to add other files?

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