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Erasing Flash sectors in KL25 on the Freedom Board.

Question asked by raju khubchandani on Oct 31, 2012
Latest reply on May 18, 2014 by 亚男 张

Processor Expert has a Flash component which I used for the freedom board. I am able to successfully execute the Read Method. I can successfully execute the Write Method, but only once. If I try to write the 2nd time at the same memory location, it fails. It seems this is because the Write method does not Erase before writing.


I tried to execute the Erase and EraseBlock Method, but it did not work. It seems the "safe launch and wait" property of the Flash component prevented me from using the Erase Methods. Has anyone been able to use the Erase/EraseBlock Methods? If yes, can you please post some sample code, similar to sample code for Write and Read Methods examples given in the "Typical Usage" section of the Flash Component Help documentation.