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Using CSI test generator mode

Question asked by tw(imx53) on Oct 31, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2012 by jimmychan
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I am working on the CSI module and since the camera interface hardware is not ready, I am trying to make use of the test generator mode by following System Development Users Guide (chapter 20).


However I can not make it working, and after hours of greping, searching, adding printks and what not through the complex mass of files and functions involved, I want to start over with a perhaps simpler task: Make the CSI0 generated chess board show up on the VGA monitor.


Is it at all possible to use the CSI test mode this way without any additional hardware? And if so, can anyone walk me through it or give some guidance?



Does the test mode work without external clocks for instance? The user guide says that "The CSI generates a frame by itself and sends it to one of the destination units", but there might be a reason why the user guide also shows how to connect a camera...