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HCS12 nested interrupts

Question asked by michaelsarafidis on Oct 31, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2012 by kef

hi there,


we are using mc9s12dg256 uC for our project. We have implement ISR for Port P Interrupt, CAN0, SPI1, SP2, Modulus Down Counter underflow, Port J, SCI1,SC2, TimerHandler, TC7_int, TC3_int, Real timer and XIRQ that work fine without nested interrupts.


What we need to do is to allow nested interrupts only at Modulus Down Counter. Thus, we added a CLI command to its ISR, but the device now is not responding. The stack seems to be empty.


Is it possible a nested interrupt function with this uC?

If yes, are any other settings that has to be made?

Does priority has to do anything with this?


Thanks in advance.