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Can not talk to K60 via JTAG interface

Question asked by tfrauenrath on Oct 4, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2012 by tfrauenrath

I have a new board with a Freescale MK60DN512ZVLQ10 but I cannot reach it with my ULINK Pro in combination with Keil µVision V4.60. I tried SWD and JTAG mode, but I can not establish a connection. Using a K60 Tower works ok.


Please find attached a PDF with all the signals and the schematic of the JTAG interface on the last page. On the left hand side the signals are taken from K60 tower, which is working fine. On the left hand side you see signals measured on my board, which will not communicate.


Is there a mistake in hard- or software?


Tank you!