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BDM multilink does not communicate with target board

Question asked by Narayanan Subramanian on Sep 30, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2016 by anju m

I bought by mistake a couple of years back, PEMicro BDM multilink. Now I tried to program a brand new MC9S08SE8. I used Codewarrior v6.3 to program the chip on my circuit board. The chip uses internal clock. When I tried, Codewarrior tried to get the clock frequency and displayed 0 Hz. Then it gave the error message "cannot enter background debug mode. The window opened by the debugger for USB connection said that it is unable to communicate with the target. The blue light on the BDM multilink is on but the yellow light does not come on. I tried removing Codewarrior, removing associated dll and then reinstall codewarrior. Still it would not work. Can anyone guide me as to what I should do?