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Dual CDC virtual com device

Discussion created by Teckna Teckna on Sep 27, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2012 by Juraj Vanco

Hi everyone,


About one year ago I opened a SR to get help in developing a dual virtual com device application and the answer was that at that time (MQX was 3.7) such application was not possible.

("We have to say that our USB device stack is not ready for dual functionalities. There is not only one issue or potentional risk (must be investigated) in the USB device stack + USB device classes that can lead to disfunctionality. We have never tried 2 instances of one device at the same time in MQX. This will be investigated and try to find the solutions.")

Now I'm using MQX 3.8.1: can now my application be implemented?


Many thanks