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Resistive Touchscreen Calibration Program on iMX6Q with Android ICS 4.0.4

Question asked by SumitVaidya on Sep 17, 2012
Latest reply on May 12, 2013 by Ujala Kumar



I was able to boot uboot, uImage and rootfs on iMX6Q with Android ICS 4.0.4. I am running uImage and rootfs using NFS (over a network).

I can see my touchscreen showing a pointer and even accepts touchs events. I verified it on "/dev/input/event1" and can see my touch events getting in through. The only problem I have is that touchscreen is not calibrated. So my pointer does not match with my touch.


FYI: It is a resistive touchscreen from OKAYA Electric that gets shipped as a standard package from Boundary.


I tried applying R13.3 patches from Boundary git with no success. There is "ts_calibrator" program on rootfs that exits abruptly after running manually without displaying any output on screen. When I integrate R13.2 patches from Boundary, "ts_calibrator" program runs with "Touch out of range" error.


Can you please point me in right direction to resolve this error and calibrate touchscreen properly?